Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 19 - Beanz means fartz ...

Day 19 - Friday - KP and I have walked every morning this week so that's 25 kms! We don't walk together on the weekends but I might take a stroll this afternoon.

Breakfast - Bakes beans on wholemeal toast.
Cup of tea. Fresh squeezed orange juice.

Lunch - Lavash wrap with turkey, cranberry and salad.

Snack - left over fruit salad.

Dinner - Steak, potato salad and green salad.

This is Angus, half was through his barbecued T-bone steak.

I think I've done really well this week - I basically haven't needed to snack between meals, certainly not like I used to. I would usually hit the fridge as soon as I walked in the door and grab some cheese or slices of ham. Cheese - how I have missed it! I could go through half a 250 gm block in a few minutes, slicing it off and downing it like pieces of chocolate. Not any more! Rice crackers and a bit of salsa make a good snack - carrot sticks would be even better. The weight loss will be very gradual because I have not cut out carbs but I think you have to do what your body tells you. I like a big breakfast so there is no point trying to survive on one slice of toast or 1/2 a cup of cereal. I wouldn't make it to 10 o'clock. Likewise at lunch, I wouldn't survive on crackers topped with tomato. I need something substantial. The lavash wraps are filled with salad and a few slices of meat and they are filling. Someone remarked the other day that there is heaps of sugar in the fruit I am eating. I said I'd rather eat a tub of watermelon, rockmelon, kiwifruit and passionfruit which has no preservatives in it than a diet muesli bar which has fake sugar in it plus God knows what else. And if you can't eat fresh fruit and enjoy it, then I think I'd rather be fat!
I generally am feeling better in myself. I don't feel bloated and lets just say, I am extremely regular! Lol! But I do look forward to each meal. Not sure what will be on the menu tonight and Sunday night - Angus' whim!
Kirby is home from Uni for 2 weeks so we are a family of 4 again! Bri and Kirby have been counting the sleeps - funny girls! They genuinely miss each others company, which is lovely.
Okay, the sun is shining here and my washing machine is beeping to tell me another load is ready for hanging out - that's a novelty! I think there is rain on the way though - just hope Angus can get our lawns mown before it arrives.
I might also get my tomato seeds in some seed raising mix - I bought the Burke's Backyard magazine with Rhonda Jean's first article in it and there were free heritage tomato seeds with the mag.
Cheers for now - Joolz


  1. I agree a meal shouldn't be tiny. I have been trying to find the portion suggestions that are mentioned on the show Supersize vs Superskinny but haven't had any luck, I am curious.

    We used to buy a 2kg block every fortnight of cheese, which is the amount we would consume for the 6 of us. We buy 1kg now and when it runs out we have to find something else to eat. I love cheese myself. I make the meals that use cheese near the start of the shopping cycle before it runs out.

  2. You're doing well. I think you should always listen to what your body tells you and eat what you need to eat. As long as you're actually hungry and NEED the food, not just WANT it I. I can't see any way in this world how fruit is going to undo all your good work. I mean, snacking on an apple has got to be better than its weight in chocky.

    love, Angie, xx

  3. I am the only one in my family that loves baked beans!And T-bone is my favorite steak!...However,porridge,yuck!The smell is devine,but..I went to boarding school,and ask any old boarder and I bet they have revolting"clag glue" memories. lol.

  4. I never had porridge as a child, it's only something I've acquired a taste for in the past few years. I don't like mine too stodgy.


  5. Breakfast should always be a big's the one we have the very best chance of using and burning off and beans are so full of protein.

    My step/heart daughter Kelly is going to weight watchers and they are telling her to eat SEVERAL servings of fruit a day. You are doing a good thing Joolz.

    blessings and hugs,


    p.s. Are you one of the 'rare' ones like me who hangs her laundry out every time?

  6. You are eating really well.
    A true Diet is about balance and fruit is part of that.
    I know the "diet" for want of a better word for Diabetics is how we should all be eating all the time.
    Healthy and balnaced,

    I too am signing off now to hang laundry too....
    My fourth load in fact! Grrrrr!
    Yesterday it was all dry but the pegged areas and down came the rain....It was soooo heavy!
    So here we go again today!


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