Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 15 - Uh, oh...& Chicken Nuggets n Fries for dinner...

Day 15 - It would seem things have ground to a halt in the weight loss department. Same weight exactly as last Monday. I need to tweek a few things in my life, I think. Nuff said.
Breakfast - 1/2 cup Just Right & 1/2 cup Special K cereal with skim milk and banana. Fresh squeezed orange juice. Cup of coffee.
Lunch - 1 sheet lavash bread with ham, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, cheese & mayo. Banana later.
Dinner - Organic Chicken Nuggets and Homemade Oven Fries
You might think that this is a naughty dinner but it was basically fat/oil free apart from
about half a tablespoon of olive oil I used on the fries (2 medium spuds). Put them in a bag and give them a shake to cover with oil, season with salt and pepper or your favourite herbs/spice.
The chicken breast was cut into bite sized chunks, dipped in seasoned flour then egg then into dried bread crumbs. Bake on a paper lined tray until tender. Hint: Put the fries in about 10 minutes before the nuggets. Serve with salad.
A lot healthier than the McGolden Arch version!
Tomorrow is another day and I wonder what's to eat...for real!
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Cheers - Joolz


  1. There doesn't look to be too many additives there, so I think you did a great job and it looks delicious.

  2. Joolz, I think you should open up a restaurant and then make sure there is a franchise of it her in the States!! Your pictures make me hungry and then just knowing that they are low calorie and good for you...wowo what a great combination!

    blessings and hugs,


    p.s. Could it be newly formed muscle (which weighs more) causing the wieght stall?

  3. It all looks so good... and big kudos to you for doing so well!
    The nuggets look delicious and so did the egg salad sanger!!

    I haven't had the nerve to get on the scales yet, but I might dust the sucker off and give it a go on Friday.
    I know my pants are getting looser, so that's a start, eh?

    And the weight loss? With me, drinking water is the key. Otherwise, how can the fat get out?

  4. That nuggets and fries dinnner looks truly delicious!
    Even My Son would eat that i think!??

    Keep going often you hit a PlaTEAU...

  5. I'm with Blessing each day.....I wanna take cooking lessons (and presentation lessons) from YOU! Open that restaurant. And that was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than the Golden Arches version.


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