Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 11 - Fresh fruit and vegetables...

I walked for about 40 minutes this morning. It is getting lighter all the time and the rain stayed away so that was good.
Day 11 - Breakfast - 2 slices wholemeal toast with vegemite, scrape of butter
fresh squeezed orange juice and glass of water. I forgot to have a coffee (so I am obviously not an addict!)
Lunch - off to Mt.G to have my nails done and do some jobs. I packed a wholemeal sandwich with turkey, cranberry sauce, lettuce, carrot, onion and cheese; a tub of yoghurt and a banana.
That way I am not tempted to seek out junk food.
Dinner - picking Angus up from the airport so we will have Thai.
I went to She's Apples in Mt.G and bought some lovely fresh produce. This lot totalled $48.75
I resisted temptation and did not go into Baker's Delight which is next to She's Apples!
Here are the prices, for interest sake:
3 sweetcorn $2.00
6 small zucchini $5.02 ($5.49/kg)
2 lebanese cucumbers $1.34 ($3.99/kg)
4 granny smith apples $2.35 ($3.99/kg)
1 sweet potato (kumara) $1.27 ($2.99/kg)
1 red capsicum $1.95 ($5.99/kg)
6 bananas $4.44 ($2.99/kg)
2 x 3kg bags navel oranges $7.58
1/4 watermelon $3.72 ($2.39/kg)
1/2 rockmelon $2.37 ($3.49/kg)
punnet of strawberries $2.79
6 mandarins $3.54 ($4.99/kg)
salad lettuce mix $2.08 ($15.99/kg)
bag of hand made fusilli pasta $5.59
1/2 small peeled pineapple $2.69
How do these prices compare with your fresh produce? I think this place is more expensive but the produce seems so much fresher and vibrant than the 'stupor-markets'. I am only buying for 3 of us and most of the fruit will be consumed by me.
I have cut up some watermelon, rockmelon, strawberries and pineapple and made fruit salad for our dessert for when we get home tonight. Yummo! A dollop of yoghurt, maybe?
That's me for another day, not much happening in this neck of the woods, just being and doing...not much.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Maybe my kumaras are cheaper, not sure. I also tend to get the fruit that is not the normal size and sometimes it gets down to 40c each.

    If you pretend to order you can read the prices then just close the window when you have finished.

    My son's girlfriend is from Mt. G. It has way more shops than the town we are from which is about the same size I think.

  2. Not to be confused with the town I live in now.

  3. UMMM that fruit looks absolutely delicious! I think I will stop by the market and get some more fresh fruit. We usually keep some on hand for when we make fruit drinks for dinner with our juicer! Fruit is expensive no matter where you buy it! I spent over $90 a couple of weeks ago and it only made us maybe 4 nights of drinks! Very pricey but..healthy! KEEP it UP! your doing wonderful!

  4. Joolz! I've been reading back and looking at your LOVELY pictures and have to say how delicious everything looks. You are WORKING this and doing such good things. I love your daily menus and you give ME ideas! THANK YOU! You are obviously inspiring. :)

  5. Other than the watermelon I think the prices are pretty much what is the Norm for me anytime...

    I would love to be nearer to Farms that just put out the front with an honesty tin whatever they have a Glut of at the time.....
    That is the best stuff to buy.
    But apart from Spuds any bags out front of Properties here is usually>>....Manure! lol!

  6. OMG Joolz, I just brought 6 bananas from Walmart for 74 cents, they were 44 cents a pound, I just realized red bell peppers were your what I forgor capsasum? I have them in my garden usuallt 2/$1, cucumbers in the summer are about 25 cents each, oh how I how shocked at these prices, how do you afford it? I would be oh so broke! I just picked up a whole watermelon for $2.98.


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