Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Daily Dose of Vitamin C...

This is my bargain buy - a new Citrus Xpress (Kambrook) that I picked up in Woolworths for ... $7.20!
Originally $18.99 it was the last one left and the price was reduced.
Angus has been juicing oranges for months now so when I saw it on the shelf, I just had to get it.

It is electric and the cone rotates in 2 directions to squeeze the juice. It has a larger cone for oranges or you can take it off to reveal a smaller one ideal for lemons & limes. These oranges are Navel oranges from our South Australian Riverland area. They are quite tart at the moment but hey, I need a good wake up in the morning! I'm sorry, but I refuse to by imported oranges from the US when our orange farmers, in the past, have ploughed their harvest into the ground because of poor local market prices. Anyhoo, I have been pumping this good juice into Brianna to wipe out that cold. She went back to school today.

Cheers - Joolz


  1. You are making my mouth water with this...I have OJ in the fridge, but it is "store bought," and fresh-squeezed would be so much better. I admire your determination to buy locally. And I love the glass! C

  2. How wonderful of you, Joolz, to support your local farmers. I would do the same (and I am in the U.S.)and tart is not so bad...maybe it means you have even EXTRA vitamin C that way??

    Love your new juicer. Mine is just the top part so I have to always put something under it.

  3. Wow, when I was a teen I worked at Woolworth's I think they are out oof business here. I worked in the lunch counter at that!


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