Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vegemite...there's a change brewing......

Okay, I admit it! I am a Vegemite addict! I love my Vegemite, I adore my Vegemite, it puts a rose in both my cheeks! Hey, I'm a happy little Vegemite. Now Kraft have decided to make a new variation of Vegemite. When I first heard this I thought they were 'changing' the taste of the original Vegemite. I nearly had a conniption (an angry outburst, fit, huff, tantrum - get the picture?)!

They have mixed Vegemite with Cheese Spread! And they don't even know what to call the stuff! I'd call it Vegemite Cream Cheese Spread but that's probably too logical for the pundits at Kraft! It's a gooey, off-vegemite coloured pot of....goo!

*When I travel overseas, I fly the Vegemite flag!

* I take a handy tube like this with me. I have had Aussies in France and Italy, India, Hong Kong and Tokyo and other far flung places come up to my breakfast table and ask if they could please, please, please have a little scrape of my Vegemite.

* I aways say yes because I couldn't imagine being in a foreign land without Vegemite and not being able to have some.

* Oh, it is so good on toast with butter melted in first or on cold toast with butter smoothed on the bread.


And look at those little fingers, just waiting to snatch a bite of those crumpets!


I need to get one of these T-shirts!

* Have you ever made Cheesy-mite scrolls? Or Vegemite & Cheddar Cheese homemade croissants with puff pastry - I'll have to post the recipe. OMG!

* All Aussie kids at some time in their lives, look like this. No kidding.

* This picture has me very puzzled. Have you ever seen this product before? It is Vegemite cereal. I have never seen it in our supermarkets.


(all pictures from the web)

...... and this is the new kid on the block. Kraft want the Australian public to think of a name for this product. What would you call it. I have no idea and frankly don't care. I have bought one jar and don't think I'd bother again. That's just me, though....actually it's quite nice dipped with plain cracker biscuits.


Cheers - Joolz


  1. Hi Joolz,I was going to do a Vegemite post this week!You must be reading my mind(be careful...its a scary place some times).. lol.The reason was I bought a jar of the new "name me" vegemite.I havent tried it yet,and wanted to know what others thought of it :0)

  2. I love Vegemite too. I have only just come to the point where I can live just one day without Vegemite in the cupboard if we run out.

    My son has bought a jar. One of my kids, I think my fifteen year old daughter says to call it Cheesymite.

    My idea is that peanut butter is nice on saladas with vegemite, a whole salada. My friend taught me and it is very nice.

    So they could have mixed those, but your idea sounds nice Joolz.

  3. Yeah personally I don't get the whole cheese and vegemite thing so I'd probably call it YUK!


    ps: look I am back!!!

  4. How intriguing and we don't have here in the U S...at least I've never seen it! What does it taste like? We do have a wonderful chocolate/hazelnut spread that is called Nutella, but no vegemite...sniff sniff.

    blessings and hugs,


    p.s. Tho' I didn't comment when you posted the haggis picture, I had Michael look at it and based on looks alone, it would be a big no no around here!

  5. I have never tried Vegemite "GASP", we can get it in Canada..I may give it a try...is it a sweet thing or a salty thing?

  6. Never heard of it. Looks interesting. What does it taste like?

  7. Love My Vegimite!
    Don't do the promite/marmite thing!
    And try not to think about it as a yeast spred....
    Hmmm??? Not really something you'd read and think "Oh Yummy,Yeast spred!"
    But Love it I do!
    Not thick Just thin.
    And unlike mY hubby and you,Not ever on a crumpet!
    Just toast or a soft white roll or sambo!
    Love it with cheese.
    But this Goo in a jar???
    It is just wrong!
    I thought they did it years ago...
    In little packets,I am sure they did.
    It may sell but it'll never be like the original.

  8. Now I'm hungry for breakfast!
    I want my Vegemite!


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