Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tablescape Thursday...

We had Shepherds Pie for dinner tonight and yup, no photos. We ate late because of netball training so this was the table at 9.15pm. Not very glamourous, I'm afraid. The girls were sitting discussing Bri's Maths homework, hence the laptops. Dishes not done. What's new. I hunted for a Christmas table photo that I KNOW I have but couldn't locate that album. Will try again for next week.
Bri's not having a good week - her laptop was knocked off a cupboard at school yesterday so the casing is cracked and will need repairing/replacing. She can ring the Dell hotline and sort that one out. Today she came home and said she had lost her mobile phone (I allow her to take her mobile to school because she is a bus student). Fortunately, an honest person handed it in at the front office so she can collect it tomorrow.
The nights are very chilly at the moment so I'm going to turn in early.
Sweet dreams - Joolz


  1. Your table looks like a proper real everyday one. One where everyone enjoyed their meal but nobody's taking responsibility for the dishes! Ours is like that.

  2. Your table looks so nice! Nothing like mine, I'm afraid! lol! Where's the scarring and papers piled a foot high? We decided to eat in the lounge room last night, because I just didn't want to move that darn pile of papers!!!

    I want a new job, where I can go out and come home to a less messy house! LOL!

    (we've got frost here this morning, but the days have been nice. Sort of. Cold, but clear, anyway)


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