Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Luck, Kirby!


Kirby has the first of her Uni exams tomorrow. She has Accounting, Micro Economics, management and Marketing to get through this week. She's been home this past week, head in the books, eating home cooked food, sleeping in and generally refreshing herself for this week.
So, we've got our fingers crossed!...
... So has this old duck. No, it's not her Nana!
Good Luck!
Bonne Chance (French) , buona fortuna (Italian), Kali tihi (Greek), Hao yun (Chinese),
Ganbatte kudasai (Japanese), Bahati njema (Swahili), Chuc may man (Vietnamese) & finally ...
'Fingers & Toes, love! (Kath from Kath and Kim)
Love from Mum, Dad & Brianna


  1. Good Luck Kirby!!
    Emerald is in the middle of block exams this week too. I think it is more stressful for the kids now than when we were doing it.

  2. Hi Joolz,

    Don't know if you did something unusual with your settings in blogspot, but all of your comments are coming to my gmail inbox!!
    It's kind of strange and funny at the same time...for the past three days this has been happening.

    Hope everything else is going super well with you, to include Kirby's exams.

    blessings and hugs,


  3. tholvern
    Our British Lotto symbol looks a lot like your crossed fingers pic. Good luck ith the exams Kirby.

  4. What I am getting is the actual comments made from people who visit your post, although the first one was as if it came from you but with no message...want to try purposely sending a message to my e-mail and see what happens then?

    Wonder which 'wires' got crossed to make this happen?


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