Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Down---to--- Earth plug...

(Rhonda Jean's hand made soap and home grown luffah)
Lately, it seems every time I pick up a magazine, watch a lifestyle TV program or listen to the radio, the topic of 'going green' and 'living frugally' is up for discussion. People are wanting to and starting to go back to simple living, the way our parents and grandparents lived. While most of us will never give up our washing machines and dishwashers, we are trying to get on the "back to basics" band wagon. People are making/using green cleaning products and cooking simple, wholesome meals that cost a lot less and taste heaps better than expensive fast food. And more importantly they are seeking this information.
I have been surfing the blogworld since August last year and one of the first blogs I stumbled across was dear Rhonda Jean at Rhonda lives in the mountains behind the Sunshine Coast in Qld. She is a fountain of information about living frugally (simply but not stingily), lowering debt, growing organic veggies, keeping chooks, re-using and recycling, knitting and stitching and cooking some wonderful, hearty, tasty and yummy things in the kitchen. She has opinions but she does not push them upon you, she complains little and is very content with her quiet but busy life with her husband, dog, cat and chooks and their great vegetable garden. She is a volunteer and is held in high esteem in her community. She is a doer not just a sayer. She really wants for nothing more than a greener, cleaner world. She and her husband, in their 60's, are in good health, debt free and enjoy their grown up family - (there's a wedding coming up soon). At last count, she has 1029 people who follow her blog regularly (and there must be countless others who are not registered as followers who read the blog), gleening information about living the down to earth lifestyle.
Rhonda is in the throes of writing a book so it is an exciting time for her. I can't wait for the book to come out. It will be an invaluable resource about homemaking and green, frugal living.
Do yourself a favour - if you haven't visited her blogsite, please do so. You won't be disappointed.
Cheers - Joolz

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  1. Rhonda Jean's blog was one of the first I came across as well, and I found your blog from a comment on her blog. There is so much information on her blog, I read it nearly every day.


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