Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday lunch in the Coonawarra...

It's Angus' birthday tomorrow so we took a drive to the Coonawarra for lunch today. A beautiful sunny day, green grass, bare vines and delicious food.
Kirby kindly acted as designated driver for the day. Bri kindly provided the comedy.
Lemon berry cheesecake to share. Mmmm!
Sun streaming through the window at the restaurant, overlooking the vines at Hollicks.
Sun setting early over the countryside.
(picture taken while driving along)

A snoozy drive home.
Happy Birthday, Angus
Love Joolz (Crowsfeet)


  1. What beautiful scenery and what a lovely place to go to for a birthday! Thought it was cold there now?

    Michael is getting special cheesecake (looks a lot like what you had)for Father's day!

    Happy birthday to Angus!

    blessings and hugs,


  2. Oh what a glorious looking day. And what a lvoey memory to have to look back.

    Your girls are so gorgeous with their cheeky grins.

    have a great week


  3. Happy Birthday Angus
    Sounds like all your girls spoil you!!

  4. Thanks for stopping in to check on Oopsy. We had lemon blueberry cheesecake today too! Will stop by again.

  5. and of course- happy birthday!!!!!!!


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