Wednesday, May 27, 2009

150 posts and counting...and a small giveaway...

Just looked and I'm up to 150 posts already. Time flies when your having fun, eh? So ladies, a few questions to get those blogs blogging...
When you have commented and posted the following answers on your blog, I will draw out a random number and send a small gift gift your way pronto!
# 1 What's for dinner tonight? (photo if you like - we're having Pasta Bake, lamb chops and
small tossed salad)
# 2 What's your favourite cute animal picture? (mine is pictured above and I borrowed it from Aunty PittyPat, apologies but it is so bloody cute!)
# 3 Who does the dishes in your house? - Usually me and with a broken dishwasher I am especially grumpy.
# 4 One a personal note, regarding toilet paper - Are you a Scruncher or a Folder... or a
Fruncher/Scrolder, he he! - Scruncher! You ladies sure are shy!
# 5 What jar (brand) of (tomato based) Spaghetti sauce do you use for Spagetti Bol?
- I do make my own sometimes but usually I have Bertolli Five Brothers 'Summer Tomato Basil' sauce. You really don't need to add anything but mince or chicken pieces for a real easy meal.
# 6 Do your children make their own beds and put out their clothes or do ... you?
- Are you kidding? The girls just never embraced smooth, wrinkle free beds and we have top sheets under the doona so IF they get made, I usually do it. Otherwise I just shut their doors.
# 7 Can I have your favourite recipe for a dessert you love?
- White chocolate cheesecake and I love a good trifle. Blog coming up.
# 8 My ironing board is permanently set up - do you labour over baskets of ironing or
do you fold, put away then iron as you need.... like me? - I used to get earwigs and spiders
in my baskets. Not nice!
# 9 Do you wear makeup each day or go Phhhffft! Stuff it! How often do you go to the
hairdresser? - Every 3-4 weeks because my hair is real short. My niece owns a salon and she looks after me nicely. Hi Bianca!
# 10 What is your ultimate personal indulgence eg. relaxation/treat
- I have my nails done (Bio Sculture Gel) every 3 weeks. It is my one hour where it is all about me! I have Bowen Therapy once a month to keep me aligned and I just love foot massages!

" I'm high maintenance, but I think you gotta be!"

- Kath (Jane Turner) from Kath and Kim

I'll post my answers in a different colour in a day or two - now answers please!

Cheers - Joolz


  1. Your favorite picture is soooooo cute...makes me want to gently hug him (or her).
    I'm a tad too far away to join in your fun, but I will be watching for your own answers!!



  2. Woohoo! 150 posts. Well done Joolz! I read the post and thought, "Nah! Can't answer questions. Too hard. Especially for a small giveaway!". But then I started reading them. They sound like fun. I'm in! Heading over to my blog now to post.

  3. I'm a bit too far away too for you to be sending giveaways but I do ;ool forward to seeing the answers to your questions.

    love, Angie, xx

  4. I found your blog via Kris' (

    I will answer on mine...

  5. I'll be in too. Doesn't time fly 150 posts wow, I'm coming up to 200 soon so will have to thing about a giveaway as well. I'll go and post these shortly.

  6. congrats on your 150 is a fun place to be in much inspiration and friendly people.......goodluck with your draw no need to include me as I don't do tags.....sorry......

  7. Cute pic!I dont like mice but the pic is really cute.Lets see whats for dinner tonight?I dont know yet.LOL. Posible spahetti.2.I ahve 2 dogs, a westie and border collie I have to say I like pics I took of them.3.In my house the dishwasher does,lol.4.Oh definately scruncher LOL, silly question.5.We have our own local brand here Del grossos.6.My girls are grown.Sometimes the youngest whos 23 going on 24 soon does her bed sometimes not GRRR ;)7.Well since its a Greek recipe,cause Im greek and theres many.8.Wow I dont have much ironing at all.My husband died 7 years ago so theres less of his and its really only mine.9.I wear lipgloss and a touch of mascara to work.I have my next appointment to the hairdresser on June 2.I get my roots done.A trim as well cause I have long hair.10.Well as my blog says I love pedicures.

  8. I'm a bit too far for the giveaway too, but wanted to participate anyway. My answers are here:


  9. Hi Joolz

    Sorry I have been so remiss in getting any blogging doen things have been quite mad around here. But I do think of you often in fact Daisyson18 and I were talking about you the other day. He was telling me he really loves AFl and I said well at least Joolz might talk to you now after that whole Holden thing...he just laughed. Have posted today never seem to get a chance to get near a computer with school assignments and daisydad finally being busy again.

    So going to get myslef a laptop so I can blog when I ahve the time and there will always be a computer free!!!!


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