Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Blogger question....

Does anyone know why Blogger does not update blog titles on 'My blog list' regularly and consistently? For instance,
Down---to---earth is a blog on that list and Rhonda has posted 3 blogs
since the one listed, about 4 days ago.
Hang on, all the titles just changed (miraculously almost before my eyes). Does it happen at a certain time of day, perhaps??
Pondering - Joolz =)


  1. Sometimes I have to hit the button to kind of refresh the page, maybe yours is stuck and just needs that done every time. :) Seems weird that this time next year we will be living closer to you than to my family. :) Your cookies look yummy by the way. :)

  2. This sometimes happens to me to & I don't know why.
    This morning Rhondas post didn't update even though I knew it was there & I had refreshed the page it made no difference. Myself and a few other bloggers have talked about it before and we have named it the blog Ghost Phenomena

  3. Ok, thanks ladies. Thought it was just me being paranoid. Quite annoying though as I have missed some posts until back tracking several days later.

    - Joolz =)


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