Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy times ahead...

Things are getting busy around here. Clipsal weekend is over and gone. Its Friday already then this weekend we are off on a winery bus tour to the Coonawarra on Saturday. Sunday will be a catch up - laundry, tidying, baking, Gus will mow lawns and tidy outside. Another full week of work then it is the first round of our local football/netball league for the season. B15 has an all new netball uniform this year - a body suit style all-in-one top, skirt and knickers. Pretty flash!
The following weekend, Gus' brother has his 40th Birthday so we are off for a party. K18 is coming home for that and to catch up with friends and have her hair coloured by her dear cous Bianca.
Then Easter weekend we are off on a 2 week jaunt. It will be nice to spend time together as a family again since K18 has been away. We all miss each other very much. B15 is busting to see her.
Looks like we are in for a nice weekend. This morning it was very crisp so I had to put on a long sleeved top for my walk. I can't believe how green things are now that we have had a sprinkle of rain. My back garden is a flush of colour with all my roses flowering.
Have a good one - Joolz

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  1. Hello Joolz,

    Thanks for the info re photos on my blog. Time is the big thing for me just at the moment so I 'll be a slow learner but I will get there eventually. You certainly have a busy couple of weeks coming up but that holiday all together will be lovely. We also have had a sprinkle of rain here today. I have just walked down town with my trolley (I'm learning to be sensible and use it instead of lugging heavy bags home) to go to the library and get some groceries. I'm really proud of myself cause I would normally just get in the car but I'm working toward simplifying our lives and getting a little fitter.
    Have a great weekend.

    Blessings Gail


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