Friday, February 13, 2009


This was my sunrise, taken at 7am this morning. There is a haze of smoke in the air and the sun was a brilliant hot pink as it first dawned while I was out walking with KP. By the time I got my camera when I got home, it had changed to a fiery orange. The weather is hotting up for the weekend and SA will be on high alert.
Lorraine at is co-ordinating a Crafty Therapy Parcel appeal.
Visit her site to see if there is something you can send in - spare fat quarters, thread, needles, pins, scissors etc.
Take care - Joolz

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  1. Smoke here too and at my parents house 1 1/2 hours west of here. It is certainly travelling a long way. We could smell smoke when we got out of bed this morning.



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