Sunday, February 8, 2009

Relief and full scale tragedy....

(Agapanthus - Black Magic)
We are enjoying a lovely cooler day here in the Lower SE of South Australia. There is a sea
breeze blowing and it's overcast and coolish.
The news is not good for Victoria - as many as 65 lives lost in the bushfires so far. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are battling the fires and the loss of loved ones.
If you are able, please support the Emergency Services and their volunteers - make a cake, cut some sandwiches, fill a thermos, pack an esky with ice and bottled water and deliver it to the depot and most of all, pat these men and women on the back for a hard job well done.



  1. God Bless all the firefighters and volunteers for the wonderful, selfless job that they do.
    We would be totally lost without them, wouldn't we?

  2. So unbelievable and sad this devastation. Death toll risen to
    84 now, how bad is that?

    God bless all the ones affected by this tradegy, it is not over yet.


  3. Thinking of you all during this tragic time - it must be so frightening.

    Willow x


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