Thursday, February 5, 2009

The only good mouse is a dead mouse...

I set 3 traps on my desk in my office last night and got 3/3 !!!!!!!!
Peanut butter is definitely a good bait. The poor little guys weren't as clever
as this little dude (lets call him Mission Impossible Mouse). I am not sure what is bringing them out, maybe there is rain on the way? or just more hot weather? They haven't been a problem before.
Good news - finally got a computer support technician to come to our house - don't know why we waited so long - and he has us up and running again. We lost nearly all our
files back in early December when we had a system error and I ran a re-installation disk which Dell told me to do - wiping practically everying!!
Any-hoo - we have internet and e-mail again so I can blog away at home to my hearts content.
I had printed out my home favourites list only days before - did I have a premonition? - so I have most blog sites listed - and I have more at work so I can copy those too.
John, the computer guy, was lovely and didn't make us feel stupid or dumb because we basically don't know much about the computer and the networks etc. He spent 2 hours with K18 and I sorting it all out.
Back in the land of home blogging - Cheers Joolz :)


  1. Hooray !! I can't imagine having to do my blogging at work !! Glad you had a win with catching the mouse !! If they were at tricky (and as cute) as mission impossible mouse, then I guess they'd deserve to live ... just not in the house !!!

  2. welcome back. Glad you got the mice, I do have to say that the only good one is Mickey. :) It stinks when you can't have access to the internet at home. Of course I would probably get more done if I didn't have it. :)

  3. Glad the mice have been caught. I think it is the hot weather bringing them in, we have ants everywhere and we have never had them before. I couldn't live without my internet, and as Ande said I would probably get more done if it wasn't there, lol. You will have lots of things to blog about no doubt.
    take care


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