Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving out...

On the back of this ute is a student desk, bookshelves, bedside table, dressing table with mirror, tv trolley, queensize bed frame and mattress and numerous sundries packed in tight. 'A' is known for his good packing abilities.
Yesterday was spent painting some of the furniture - I was really happy with how the TV trolley turned out - we used a silver hammered metal finish (like a filing cabinet) spray paint and it transformed the wooden mdf cupboard into a metal one. Dismanted K18's bedroom, tossing out junk accumulated in drawers and cupboards (how many sparkly lipglosses can one girl have!)
I washed new blankets, towels, doona cover, sheets and pillowcases.
'A' and K18 head to Adelaide tomorrow to move all this lot then I will take her back on Monday next week to set up the room properly and then **sobs** say goodbye. I want to check out the main shopping area near her and see where she can shop for food/meals and perhaps catch the bus she will use and see how long that takes to get to the Uni. Public transport is bit new to us as we don't have a bus service in our small town. We still get nervous catching trams and buses in Melbourne (what if you end up in WhoopWhoop?).
Another busy week ahead, working and still sorting stuff. I hope the weather stays coolish - the mornings are starting to take on Autumn - dew on the cars is a good sign.
Cheers for now, Joolz


  1. How far away is her school? When I went to college it was about a 12 hour car ride. Wow, she has to take a ton of stuff, our rooms had all of the furniture in them. Hope that all goes well with the move. SOunds like you had a good weekend with your family.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of stuff, but I guess when you have to furnish your own room you need a lot. When I left home for the RNZAF I had the one suitcase, each time I moved I seemed to gain a bag or box, so I ended up with a whole house load of stuff. Adelaide is a great city, I use public transport a bit, and find it fairly easy to get around, if your daughter is near the city she could use a bike to get around as it is nice and flat.
    take care

  3. Wow, that's a lot of stuff!
    I know it's an exciting time, but it's so hard too, isn't it?
    It was good that you had a good weekend with your family and got rid of heaps of sparkley lippies...LOL!

  4. I had to smile Joolz. When our son moved out three years ago we had a trailer and a van, or maybe it was just the van, I'm sure the loads get bigger each time.

    Keep a map handy by the phone Mum.

  5. Oh wow that is going to be a had day for you but exciting too. And you can drive away revelling in the fact that you have done a great job and have a clever confident daughter who is going to set the world alight with her charm, intelligence and laughter.

    What more could any parent wish for than to send a newly fledged adult out into the world knowing that this is the beginning of a wonderful journey for them - and that at all the important moments you will be part of that journey.

    Love and hugs


  6. What a big few days, teary bushfire memorial service then your eldest flying the coup.

    Good luck tomorrow.


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