Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bushfire tragedy....

The updated death toll from the wild fires in Victoria is now 173 and this will rise.
In hard economic times, it is amazing that Australians have now pledged A$13 million dollars to the bushfire victim appeals. Everyone is digging deep.
Late yesterday afternoon I received a blanket text message (not sure who from) asking for locals to go through their belongings and donate clothing, bedding and homewares. They are to be taken to our Community Club this morning from 11.30am and will then be freighted over to Victoria for distribution.
B15 and I went through her clothing - she had many T-shirts that had been kept from last summer that she hadn't worn this year - all in perfect, clean condition. She thought some things weren't appropriate (still in fashion) but I said, "if it's clean and doesn't smell of smoke, someone will be happy to wear it". We filled a black garbage bag full. She also went through her 'teddy' box and I think we got about 12 small teds - a little something for kids to hang onto and cuddle.
I went through my linen cupboard and found doona covers, sets of single bed sheets (we have king singles in the spare room now), large bath towels, never used, beach towels from 4 summers back, still in good nick. Into a bag they went.
K18 had cleaned out her clothes a while back so she only had a few pyjama bottoms and wind-cheaters to donate.
'A' got home from work and I made him go through his shirts and polo tops and he filled a bag with things he had barely worn.
We won't miss any of these items, they were just hidden away doing nothing but clutter our drawers.
All this made me realise just how much we have and how
very little these poor people have
These people have nothing!

As the death toll rises and I see the distraught faces of these poor people, wandering lost and aimlessly, hoping for news of missing loved ones, good news that won't come, I feel very helpless and so very sad for them. It is a cruel, dark time for country Victoria.

May the souls of the deceased rest in peace. And may they catch the arsonists responsible for this holocaust.



  1. Good on you Joolz.

    A good way to offer help. I am sure it will be much appreciated.

    I believe Coles are donating every bit of profit made on Friday to the cause, so I am leaving my shopping until Friday.

    This is just so unbelievable that something like this could happen.

    Mother Nature at it's worst.

    In my opinion only; I think this crime should be treated as terrorism.


  2. Goodness the number is very high. I have been meaning to watch some more TV. We have had to listen to the radio to make sure we weren't in any danger.

    A well written post.

  3. I just contacted the Red Cross offering my backyard ( it's huge) along with undercover area, BBQ, fridge, outdoor lounge suite and dining setting. I'll buy a tent or tents if I have to, but those people need a place to call "home" right now and I have the space to offer them.

    Tania, it's not just your opinion. This crime SHOULD be considered as terrorism, or meditated murder at the very least.

  4. Hi ladies

    I totally agree that it is terrorism and mass murder. Hang the bastards, I say!



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