Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new camera...

This is my new fangled camera which has been taking nice photos for me. I am still working out all the settings but it is pretty user friendly. It has an 18x Optical Zoom, 27mm wide, 10 mega pixel lens and too many knobs and switches to mention. Most of the sunset photos were taken on AutoFocus - so just point and shoot. Nice!
I am lucky to have a great husband who bought it for me.

- Joolz


  1. Okay, I remember asking for a camera for my birthday or Christmas but got other gifts instead.

    Thanks for the reminder. Your new camera certainly takes nice photos. I am wanting to get one that takes film in it as well, so will need to shop around Adelaide to get a decent second hand one.


  2. have fun taking pics. That s one nice camera!!!!!


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