Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mulberry Jam soon...

I picked some more mulberries on Monday. I have frozen them at the moment and will keep adding to them until I have enough to make some jam. There is heaps of fruit on the tree but I have to wait for some more of the fruit to ripen. Can't wait for buttermilk scones, mulberry jam and cream!


  1. Oh yum my fav afternoon tea can I come visit!!
    Hope you get some relief from this heat soon.

  2. hmmm... That sounds yummy. I have never had mulberry jam. I end up making strawberry here, the kids love it.

  3. Yummo, that's what I'm doing with the blackberries I'm getting on my walks, although I think after this week they will be all shrivelled up and no use to anyone at all. Do you have problems with the birds eating them?
    Hope you are keeping cool down there :) (as cool as you can anyway)
    take care

  4. I'll never have enough to make any Mulberry Jam... because I keep eating them straight off the tree!!!


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