Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm on a mission....

This is my mission today - to tidy my linen closet which is showing clear neglect. It is a great little room to toss stuff when there is no other place for it at the time you need to toss it!
My other mission is to take down the Christmas tree and decorations and tidy through the 'good room'. B15 has made it her 'Wii den' of late and it is showing signs of wear and tear.
The weather today here today is fantastic - clear blue sky and bright sunshine.... the garden beckons but I must do those inside jobs first. Lets see how I go.
Have a lovely weekend, won't you?
Cheers - Joolz
PS: I am trying to revamp my site but we are still without a PC at home so it may take a wee while.


  1. What a fantastic linen cupboard I would love one that big!!
    I did a post before Christmas on cleaning my linen cupboard, alas it already does not look like the photo on my post from then.
    Hope your day is rewarding

  2. Hi Joolz! I just had to come and see what you were doing this weekend! I love your linen cupboard! Not the mess, of course, but the hugeness of it! I think all "walk-in" type cupboards get easily trashed. My pantry is the same. My kids just stand at the door, throw in whatever is in their hand and quickly slam the door! Hope you got to the garden! (It is a glorious day here too!)

  3. It'll feel soooo good when it's done! I love the photo on your header...I'm a big Royal Albert fan..I collect Old Country Roses, but have always loved that pattern too!

  4. i have more than 1 closet like that, I am trying to get through them, hard to find the time with 4 kids. have fun.

  5. Hi Joolz,
    Happy New Year. Your linen cupboard looks a bit like my workroom does at present. I have been slack and just putting things in there instead of putting things away. It is so nice outside and I have a good book to read so I think my cleanup will be waiting a day or so.
    take care


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