Monday, January 12, 2009

About that linen closet.....

I'll admit straighout - I didn't quite get to the linen closet but all my Christmas deccies are tucked away and the family room is back to normal.
I have got B15's school books all covered, labelled and put away in preparation for Yr 10 when Term 1 starts on January 28th (OMG thats 16 days away!) I am a sucker for brand new stationery so I get my kicks once a year when the girls go back to school. I love Contacting their books and labelling everything, it has never been chore for me. :) And yes, that glass of wine is mine and it was after 4pm!
We are in for a stinker tomorrow - about 36degsC and Adelaide is expecting 41degsC! I think we are going to the 3 Mile at Beachport for a BBQ tea with friends. Hope it cools off by then.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Wow! you are organised getting all the school books done. We pick ours up next week.

    Stay out of the heat and enjoy your bbq.

    I have to get up early tomorrow and pick hundreds of nectarines that have decided to ripen while it is hot and get them cut up ready for preserving.


    ps The linen cupboard will wait for you.

  2. Gosh, as hot as that? I can't imagine such heat. Think I would have to stay indoors! Here we are, 5 below and staying ndoors anyway. Can't win!

  3. Looks like you had fun at the festival. I would love some warmer weather right about now. I love getting new school supplies for the kids, of course I love shopping so it is just an excuse to go. Hope you have a good day.

  4. Hi Joolz,
    I wish I was down there, 36C would be so nice, although it's not too bad if you stay inside. That linen cupboard isn't going anywhere so I reckon it can wait a couple of days or so
    take care

  5. Oh I love stationary and love going to Office Works.

    Yep it was hot here in Adelaide to 42 degrees.

    Lucky you the cold months of the year.

  6. Well I have bought all the stationery and tomorrow when I am not at work will be the "covering day".

    Wnated to say I am fingers crossed for your daughter and her offers daisyson17s come out them too he isn't very confident his OP was 17 which is hard to believe as he got all a's and bs must have been the subject cholices as they are all weighted differently - but we still think he will get into something but maybe not until the second or third round of offers.

    Working again today three dayas in a row isn't fun particularly while the kids are home but it should only be for this week.



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