Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dance Concert...

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We have had a lovely lot of rain in the SE of SA. Basically more than 24 hours of solid rain, together with some gale force winds. Our rain water tanks are over flowing (*smiles*). This time last year, we were out of rain water and surviving on bore water for household use.

We had a rough trip to Mt. G last night to pick up K18 from an 18th party. I am a 'home safe' mum so when she said she didn't have a reliable ride home, I offered to pick her up at 12 midnight - a 100km round trip. The rain was fierce and the wind threw us (hubby, B15 & me)about but we go there and back safely. I slept better for knowing she was home safe.

I have spent a lovely afternoon today, at the MJ Dance Studio's 20th Anniversary Concert, held at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre in Mt. Gambier. One of B15's friends, Maddie, was in the concert. It was three hours of great dance from littlies aged about 5 years through to senior dancers in their late teens. They danced ballet, contempory, jazz, tap and there was also a display of Highland dancing which I thought was fantastic. Countless hours have gone into this polished performance and all involved must be congratulated. These kids are so dedicated, as are their parents. The costumes were fantastic and the afternoon went off without a hitch. We have some very talented dancers in our midst. There is even a young boy who is in the running for consideration for Billy Elliott. Well done!
My home computer has been fixed but we have lost everything on the desktop except our document and picture files. I am sitting in my office at work having an interruption free session on the web. Internet will be re-installed Monday. All games, music and other files etc in Windows is gone! My favourites list is blank but amazingly, I cut and pasted a list of all in my favourites folder about a month ago. So I have not lost all our my blog links. Phew!
Tomorrow I hope to do some Christmas biscuit (cookie) baking and I am still trying to finish off those home sewn pressies. Got. To. Get. Them. FINISHED!!!
See you soon and have a great weekend - Joolz

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  1. Hi Joolz!
    I completely relate to the getting your kids home safely. Of course, I don't have to travel 100kms to do it, but any time of day or night is fine by me if they need rescuing. I hope that they will always feel free to call me if they don't feel safe.
    Sorry to hear about your internet woes. Hope it's all fixed soon!


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