Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thinking of Italy....

This is a hand blown Murano glass vase that I bought in Italy 2 years ago. The glass is very thin. I bought it in Venice and carried it by hand for 2 weeks while we travelled through Italy and France. It was too fragile to pack in our luggage so I just carried it. I was so glad when we got home and I could put it on the mantlepiece. Pretty, isn't it?
We are planning a return trip to Italy in 2010. Our daughter, K17 hosted an Italian exchange student in Feb. 2006 through her college. Then K17 went on a school trip exchange to Turin, Italy in October 2006 and she stayed with Chiara, our exchange student and her family. They were lovely people and looked after K17 very well. In August 2007, the family came out to Australia for 3 weeks and they spent a week with us in SA. We showed them the local sights - our pretty coastline and 4 wheel driving through sand dunes, kangaroos, koalas, BBQ's, Coonawarra vineyards and wine, The Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles. They loved their time in Australia and offered to host us again if we return to Italy.
In 2010, the college will again offer an Italian trip and B15 will go on that exchange. We will travel separately from the school trip but will meet up with B15 in Turin and see Giorgio, Titziana and Chiara again. That is our plan, anyway.
K17 had her last Yr 12 exam today - breeeeathe - everybody! She just text me and said it went well, better than the Chem exam yesterday. Now we wait for her results which come out close to Christmas time and then see what TER she achieved. Then come the Uni offers in 2009. Wait and see. Wait and see.
We're gonna try B15's Lamb Suvlaki for dinner with her Apricot Puffs and Cream for dessert. These are home economics recipes from school. Hopefully I'll get some pictures.
Cheers - Joolz

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  1. Lamb Suvlaki sounds yummmm !! Hopefully you'll post the recipe with the pictures ! :)

    That vase is beautiful. I lived in Italy as a kid. For three years. Left in grade one. Don't remember much. Would looooove to go back one day !


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