Friday, November 7, 2008

Our country show....

This weekend is the Millicent Agricultural, Horticultural and Pastoral Show. The nice carnival people come to town with their show rides and extract $6 a ride or side show from gullible tots and teens & parents for that matter. Locals exhibit their prized pumpkins, bunches of rhubarb, roses, cakes, jams and jellies, china painting, baby knits or hobbytex (*remember*) and there is usually a punch up in the food pavillion when two old ladies fight over the 1st place ribbon for their genoa cake entries! Just kidding! And generally people eat too much greasy food - dagwood dogs, fairy floss, hot jam donuts, toffee apples and cream filled waffles. Blech! and Yum!... all at once. :)

Friday night is the big night as there is a fireworks display at 9pm. They let go about $25,000 worth of crackers which makes everyone oooh and aaaah! Then the youth of the town turn feral and hit side show alley. They ride too many rides, eat too much greasy food, drink too much alcohol and ultimately trash themselves. Nice! Last year the rain held off just enough so it was slightly damp but not too cold.

Last year, on the Saturday morning, the heavens opened and I think we had 4 inches of rain in 3 hours. It was a washout, a quagmire and basically a flop. The Show committee held a family day about a month later so that the service clubs could sell their donuts and steak sandwiches so they could make some money. I don't know about the genoa cake ladies.

This morning, we had a cracking thunder storm at about 5.30am. It only lasted probably 10-15 minutes but the lightning was very bright and close and the thunder was very, very loud. One crack was directly over our house and it rattled out windows. I shreiked and pulled the covers over my head. So loud! But it passed over very quickly - enough for me to go for a walk with KP at 6am. We walked our main street up and back 4 times which is about 4.5 kms. That way we were under the cover of the shop verandahs if it rained.

So the weather could once again dampen the Millicent AH &P Show. We need rain but I hope it won't be 4 inches all at once. I want to get over there to buy a dagwood dog! (F.Y.I - a dagwood dog or 'dippy dog' as I call them is a foot long hotdog on a stick, dipped in batter then deep fried until golden. Serve with lashings of tomato sauce and let it drip down your arm!) ;)

I am having trouble inserting these photos - How do I insert them in between the text????? They just go straight to the top of the page, no matter where I leave the curser.... now I am starting to curse!!! ;(

The other picture is of the sky out over our neighbours house this morning. It was not while the storm was on, it still looks menacing. Love that gum tree, though.
Cheers for now,



  1. Hi Joolz,
    a quick note, I can tell you how to do it, if you email me with your email address, I can send an email how to do it this weekend.
    My address is restisnotidleness at gmail dot com
    take care

  2. Hi Joolz

    What a laugh about the show it is like ours only here last year someone jumped over the fences of the winners of the 2006 Rosella jam category and stole all the rosellas (bushes and all) out of the gardens. I know it is serious but I laugh every time I think about it. Mine didn't even get a mention this year so my rosellas will be safe.!!!!!!

    If you click on the photo and then drag it into place with the mouse or if you are using a laptop left click hold the button down and drag.

    I'll pop in next week


  3. Thanks so much, guys.

    Cheers - Joolz ;)


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