Friday, November 21, 2008

Graduation Day...

Today our daughter, Kirby, graduates from her secondary education - she has put in hard all during her education with glowing reports along the way.

Today is her day - amid a flurry of fake tan, air-brushed make-up, nail polish, up-styles and anxiety that the dress will fit. It's getting exciting!

This is from the card we will give her later today along with a commemorative gift.

Wonder Challenges
holds the promise
Discoveries Dreams
of good things
Experience Surprise
yet to be.
Wishing you
warm memories
of efforts you've seen through,
of lessons learned,
of honours earned,
of cherished dreams come true.
And wishing you
some bright new dreams
of sights you've yet to see,
of joys you'll know,
of ways you'll grow,
of all you've yet to be.
We are extremely proud of you, Kirby and hope you have a
great night, celebrating this milestone with your
friends and family.
Love ya, Bear!
PS: I do hope the dress fits!


  1. COngratulations Kirby!!!

    Daisyson17 had his ceremony this morning with mass followed by a prcession through the groudns with all the boys from the college lining the route so they could say goodbye to their seniors. I didn't cry ....


  2. Congrats!!!! I hope all went smoothly!!!!! and that the dress fit. :)


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