Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aren't we sisters and me!

This is the present my eldest sister gave me for Christmas last year. They are scrap booked blocks with our photos on them. My photo is a little different as I wasn't born when the photo of the other 4 girls was taken.

Top Row: Leanne (now aged 50), Julie (44)
Bottom Row: Marilyn (57) Janine (55) and Susan (52)

I am the baby and my Mum and Dad were probably hedging their bets on a boy. Tough luck, they got a fifth girl and spoiled me rotten. Ha!

Four of us live in the same town and the other 80kms away.

Here's a bit of family fact:

Mum & Dad (sadly he passed away in April 1989) had 5 girls who all married.
We had 10 children - Kirste, Jeremy, Heath, Melanie, Ben, Adam, Jane, Bianca, Kirby & Brianna.
They have had 14 children so far - Tayla, Josh, Blake, Jett, Rylee, Cash, Mitchell, Jed, Saige, Kobe, Sapphire, Brodi, Nathan, Kayden, Jake. No one is pregnant at the moment that I know of...Phew! Baby Cash is the youngest, born October 4th.

We all live in South Australia.

I love my family and can't wait for Christmas!

Cheers - Joolz :]


  1. I love visiting your blog.. you have so many wonderful pictures, recipes, and other fun things to say and show..I have given you an award for this very thing.. so please come by and collect it :)

  2. Hi Joolz daisydson17 did a weird mis of subjects he did one term of graphics then changed to art, dropped that at the end of second term year 11 and did music extension

    so he ended up with English, maths A, modern history, music music extension, religious studies, and film and television - my boy is one of the very few boys hwo have a passiona nd talent of ethe humanities art sunjects he is VHA or HA in all of these subjects (and he only started playing the guitar in first term last year!!)


  3. That is the coolest gift !! I love the idea and may have to 'borrow' it !


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