Friday, October 17, 2008

Spring has Sprung...

It is an absolutely beeeeautiful day here in Millicent. Around 23degreesC, bright sunshine and barely a breeze. Gorgeous! But I am stuck in the office today. :(

I spent most of yesterday in my back garden, weeding and cutting back some plants. My roses look healthy but have some aphids on them so I must deal with them. I bought two 'Strawberry' pink agapanthus plants which I split into 6 plants and dotted them through the garden bed. They will thicken up and mingle with the other things growing there. I filled our 'green waste' wheelie bin with weeds so I was feeling very pleased with myself. The aching muscles came later! Dinner was chicken & bacon in a Dolmio Red Wine sauce, parm cheese and kaiser bread rolls. Easy and satisfying.

Ande at The Burger Six had been tagged with an interesting list to complete. Here I go...


8 TV shows I watch...

1. Packed to the Rafters (Aussie dramedy (drama/comedy)

2. Spicks & Specks (Aussie music quiz show)

3. Hairy Bikers Cookbook (They're big, sweaty and hairy but they know how to cook!)

4. Gilmore Girls (got all 7 seasons on DVD so it is constantly playing on one TV or other)

5. Cook & The Chef (Aussie cooking show - lovely Maggie Beer & Simon Bryant)

6. Good News Week (Aussie satire/news/comedy show, dissects the current news in a funny

entertaining way - great laughs)

7. Dancing with the Stars (Aussie version at the moment - 1 hour of glamour and sequins. Cha

Cha Cha!)

8. Can We Help? (Aussie Question/Answer, general trivia, word origins/history, find my missing

loved one etc.)

8 Favourite Restaurants...

1. Sorrento's - Mt Gambier

2. Belgiorno's - Mt Gambier

3. Sage & Muntries - Mt Gambier

4. McDonald's - Mt Gambier (fancy having to drive 50kms to go to McDonald's!)

5. Concubine - Adelaide (Chinese cuisine at the next level)

6. Live Bait - Melbourne Docklands

7. Milano Cucina - Adelaide

8. Amalfi Ristorante - Adelaide

8 Things that happened yesterday...

1. I went for a 5 km walk with KP and K17. It was chilly.

2. I tidied through the house and it looked great.

3. I re-did my entrance way, using a 1/2 round table my sister gifted me. Re-arranged

ornaments on it. Pleased. :)

4. Got out in the garden and put in about 4 hours of weeding and planting.

5. Folded washing and put it away. Always a good feeling.

6. Cooked dinner - as above

7. Watched Hairy Bikers and Cook & The Chef

8. Fell into bed with aching muscles from said gardening.

8 Things I'm looking Forward To...

1. Harvesting the salad lettuce's that I planted out yesterday.

2. Sunday in the Coonawarra at a wine brunch and tasting day.

3. Having my nails done next Thursday. I have a damaged one and it's driving me crazy.

4. B14's birthday on Thursday 23rd. Then she will be B15! Mwa mwa, love you, Breeza Bear!

5. Dinner in Mt Gambier for B14's birthday. No dishes! Yay!

6. More of this weather. It is great living weather.

7. K17 finishing her exams in mid November. Good for her to get it out of the way.

8. K17's Yr 12 Graduation Dinner in November. I hope it is a good night for her.

8 Things on my Wish List...

1. New digital camera, with SLR and macro lens so I can compete with other photographers

on their blogs.

2. Getting my home-made presents sorted out for my 4 sisters for Christmas. I have an idea

of what I want to make but now I need the time to get them done. Wish me luck.

3. More of this weather!

4. A few more days off work. It is a bit quiet at the moment so I hope to have the odd day off.

5. I hope the world economy levels out soon. It all seems a bit crazy/scary at the moment.

6. I hope the American people get the President they voted for. I am not sure that is what

happened in Australia at the last election with our PM.

7. The kids helping around the house a bit more. Would'nt it be nice...

8. A healthy, happy family and good friends around me. Goodness me, I think I have nearly

everything I need.

That was fun, give it a try yourself.

Cheers - Julie


  1. I haven't heard of most of your shows, but the Gilmore Girls is one of my favorites. I borrowed the seasons from my sis-in-law last summer when my husband was deployed. It was a nice little get away when the kids went to bed.

  2. great answers, and thanks for popping by my blog.

    Gill in Canada


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