Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ford wins Bathurst 1000!!!

Just watched Ford win Bathurst 1000 (V8 SuperCars)! A great result for Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup.

I haven't got up to much today.

7am - got up and made a batch of Melting Moments for my eldest sister M who turns 57 today! I bought a nice plate and put the biscuits on it and did it up with celophane and ribbon. Also included 2 acrylic wine goblets, one filled with after-dinner-mint chocs and the other with 2 small tubes of hand cream (ideal for handbag etc) together with a cute bath bomb, all wrapped in cello. Looked a treat. I took my Mum78 around to M's for a coffee this morning at 10am so we had a good catch up and yack.

Term 4 school starts tomorrow with only B14 going back. K17 only has a tutorial here and there now until Week5 when exams are on. B14's uniforms need taking down a bit, she has grown since end of Term 1. She alternates between PE uniform and normal so will get my sister J to hem them for me. Mwa J! :)

Here's what I've been up to:

Doing- washing, ironing uniforms and A's shirts, tidying. Tomorrow the pantry gets a birthday! Big chuck out!

Reading - nothing the past few days but I am into the 2nd Stephenie Meyer book, New Moon. Finished Twilight in just over a week - very good.

Hair colour - had blonde streaks last Thursday so that brightened me up a bit. I have very short hair.

Computer - behaving fairly well today - hopefully it will let me publish this post before it sh*ts itself. Hee hee!

Watching - tonight is the premiere of US Kath & Kim. Will wait with mixed reaction I'm sure. Love Aussie K&K - hilarious!! ....then Dancing with the Stars, then Shall We Dance with Richard Gere and J-Lo. A good night on the couch.

Dinner - some good Scotch fillet steaks, BBQ'd alah A, potato bake and tossed salad. Glass of red or two. Yum!

Outside it's - been really warm today but very windy, change brewing. Great washing day, aired the bedding and washed sheets and quilt cover. Lovely.

In my washing machine - is another load of bath towels. They breed in the laundry, I am sure!!!

I love - my husband A, K17 and B14! And the rest of my big family and I love days like this where there is no pressure to do much at all, except what gets done. Yay!

My Wish For YOU - Sunny days, star filled skys and cool crisp nights!

Cheers - Julie ;)

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  1. Oh ta Julie - the starry snd cool nights have been here ages but the sunny days we have given up on! Thee's a real nip in the air now, specially mornings, and the central heating is kicking in despite my best intentions not to use it until November! It's dark now by about 6.30 pm so I guess it's winter.
    love, Angie, xx


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