Sunday, November 5, 2017

Share the Dignity handbags...

This is the third year that I’ve made up two bags for women in crisis...

A gift of everyday items that they don’t have, maybe because they fled their homes in the night, unable to take even a brush or toothbrush with them.  Maybe she’s been living rough on the streets, unable to buy general toiletries and fem hygiene products that we take for granted.  Imagine having to choose between food or pads because you just got your period and only have $5 in your pocket.

 The idea is to collect bits and pieces during the year then put it together in a handbag, in either good, used condition or brand new, for delivery to a drop off point.  This year I’ve included a small bottle of perfume from Zara, a cute little hot water bottle and a handmade Christmas decoration.  All other items are every day things we women all use and I bought most on special.

As you can see, this bag is chockers with those goodies...

These bags are available to buy from Share the Dignity...this is the Jane tote....

...and here is the Paula bag, with shoulder strap and also has another longer strap inside.

I’ll be taking these to a shop in Mount Gambier that is the collection point...

Do you have a handbag, still in good condition, lurking in your wardrobe?   Fill it with a few goodies to help one of our sisters feel a bit more dignified this Christmas.  

Or visit the website and buy a few boxes of tampons which will be sent to StheD from Cottons.  These are distributed at womens shelters.

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. What a wonderful thought Joolz, these will be much appreciated.
    Kind regards,

  2. My sister and I do something like this but for women who are going through cancer treatment and don't have the means to be able to afford wigs etc.
    Look Good Feel Better is the charity linked to this and we got involved after the death of Mum from breast cancer.

  3. I did this last year and got a couple of really good bags from a local op shop. Thank you for reminder to get these organised again. Meg:)


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