Friday, October 13, 2017

Quick cookies...

Do you remember those peanut biscuits I made back in September?

I froze two logs of the dough.  We’re heading away for a day or two so I thought some fresh biscuits woukd be nice to take with us...

I thawed the log then cut the biscuits and reshaped them on the lined baking tray...

...and voila!  Fifteen minutes later, I have fresh baked biscuits and no mess to clean up! This made 17 and I still have another log in the freezer! 
I nearly had a disaster when I went to swap a few of the cookies into the centre of the tray to prevent over browning...the tray slipped and the paper slid off the tray onto the oven rack! Luckily I salvaged them so a few do looked a bit war wounded but they’ll taste just as good! 🙄

Another disaster this morning! Gus was showering when all of a sudden the shower head just popped right off shooting a fountain of water right at him! Water everywhere! 
Friday the 13th in a 13 year old house! 😳

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Shower head flying off like that would have had me jump 10 feet in the air.
    Your cookies look tasty. Enjoy your few days away.

  2. Enjoy your few days away.
    I have frozen cookie dough before, so handy x

  3. Oh, I had forgotten that yesterday was Friday the 13th! That could go some way to explaining the "fun" I had this morning when the undercover washing line in our garage broke twice, I locked myself out, ran late for an appointment and dropped a stitch in my almost finished washcloth that I haven't successfully been able to pick up again yet! Your cookies look yum! I made little choc-chip cookies during the week with a tin of chickpeas and peanut butter in them too. Meg:)

  4. Good enough to eat, I reckon! Where do I find the recipe please?


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