Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tszujing the spare room...

Remember I cleaned up our spare room a few weeks back? Yesterday, I suddenly had the urge to revamp the room and get new doona covers. I live in a small country town so my options were limited to Target Country and um, Target Country! These king single beds are rarely used and the old covers are 12.5 years old but still in perfect condition.
I selected another pattern first up, bought them home and tried one, laying it over the bed but it was too bland. I quickly went back as the store was closing in half an hour...and found these ones.
Much better! The cover and 2 pillow case sets were $39.00 each and they are fully reversable so I can flip the thing over to have a darker navy look. I have't made the beds up with sheets as they tend to go a bit musty so I'll wait until the beds will be used.
I love the pattern and it satisfies my love of blue and white...
I also bought this navy and white gingham, seersucker table cloth in Adelaide the other day. More blue and white!
Now I'm off to work, it's going to be a busy day as we have a lot of staff away. Might even sell a car or two!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. The new bed linen looks lovely Joolz - I've just recently updated our guest room's linen too and went for a navy & white combo, looks so fresh and smart.

  2. Very smart and simple designs that look clean and crisp. Great price too!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love not only the colours, but the print as well! You've inspired me to do something with my spare room now - the "winter style" I currently havem is getting on my nerves, and your new look looks so fresh and inviting! (and I just noticed that I spelled "colors" with a U! I guess you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl!)

  4. Oh these are gorgeous and changes the look of the spare room for the better. I too love blue and white, so guess where I'll be heading when next near a Target store? I hope they come in Queen size. What a great price too!

    1. Thanks, yes they had all sizes and matching European pillow cases too. I didn't get them as its just too much clutter for that room. Enough stuff gets thrown on the beds as it is - sigh!

  5. Gosh - don't knock Target Country....I have scored some amazing stuff from there over the years that I could not get in the city stores :-)

  6. Haha, I wasn't knocking TC - I just meant that there is no other place for manchester in our town. It's a good little store. - J :)

  7. I love blue and white too! You new bed linen looks lovely:) Meg


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