Thursday, March 9, 2017

Oat and chia breakfast pudding...

Fiona from Stay at home instead posted about this pudding so I had to give it a go.

Overnight Oat and Chia Puddings
1 tblspn sultanas
1 tspn honey (you can omit)
1/4 tspn cinnamon
1 tblspn chia seeds
1 tblspn shredded coconut
2/3 milk of your choice (Skim for me)
1/4 cup rolled oats

Give it a good stir then cover and put into the fridge overnight.

This morning I topped it with grated apple and it was delicious. I would have like some natural yoghurt with it also.

Another yummy breakfast dish to add to the list!


Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. that looks delicious!
    thanx for sharing

  2. Joolz I agree with you that the Breakfast pudding does look delicious.
    Just want to let you know that it takes at least a couple of minutes for your photos to download when I open your page. This has only been happening for about a month. The first time this occurred was when you posted a photo of a lacy iron chair on a veranda. There are times when I read your text and then close out with the photos only partially downloaded. Not sure if this is something that you are aware of and thought you might like to know.

    1. Hi Jane,
      I'm not sure what the trouble is with my pictures. I am using Blogo on my iPad for blogging and I think it's something to do with the size of the pictures but I can't find where to change it. I loads okay on my pc at work and on my iPad and iPhone6 but I have had others tell me the same. If I play around with the size of pics in Blogo, it basically will not publish at all. It's a mystery and I've had no response from the Blogo people about this problem. Very frustrating as I have run out of options for blogging on my iPad.
      Grrr! :)


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