Monday, January 2, 2017

Sister presents ...

Each year, my four sisters and I exchange little presents, with a theme. Last Christmas it was my turn to think of a theme...we each drew a tag out of a hat which had one of our surname initials on it plus a coloured bauble from another hat.
Julie got blue T, Leanne got red K, Susan got pink G, Janine got purple M and Marilyn got green S.
We had to buy or make a present for the four sisters, eg mine something starting with T and it had to be blue....
We did pretty good with some hilarious things thrown in!
I did up a blue Christmas tin with truffles, treats and Lady Grey blue tea. I handmade dark choc cherry truffles, candy cane cookies, chocolate almond bark and rocky road.
Leanne had red naughty knickers, KitKat chocolate and a kitchen gadget...there's not a lot of fabric in those knickers!  :/
Sue gave us a pink gown and pink chocolates and body wash...
Janine was clever and made this purple mosaic (from a kit she bought online)and put it with a magnet.   I'll pop it out in the garden...
Marilyn gave us a green succulent and lime green soap...
Here's four of us with our red naughty lingerie and our bro-in-law Snow, wearing his! Haha!
Next years theme will be easier - it was Marilyn's turn to come up with something...
🍷Oh, what a worry,
this time of year,
thinking of a gift
for four sisters dear!
Now Christmas 2017
will come around quite quick,
I hope this idea will do the trick!
What do you think?
🍾 A nice bottle of drink...
and just for a bit of class,
add to that 'a nice glass'.🍷
So buy a bottle beginning with your initial - this will make it very special!
Luv Maz
Well, Blogo seems to be behaving so far, fingers crossed it continues!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. HA! I just love your sisters' gifts posts. Your some junk in the trunk? LOL

  2. the prezzies sure make for a fun time with you girls..............


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