Thursday, January 21, 2016

bedroom makeovers ...

Apart from some pictures for the walls, the makeovers are complete...
We added a large mirror over each chest of drawers. The girls are happy and we have room for guests to stay in comfort. Like this coming weekend, we have friends coming from Melbourne to stay. 
Joolz xx



  1. They look great. And the cat pillow makes me smile. :)

    Hubs has cold/cough at the moment, so I am trying desperately not to catch it and am happy to have a pretty and comfortable guest room to retreat to (having finished it last summer).

    1. I bought the cat cushion as a joke and put it in Kirby's room...she no likey...which I knew would be the case. She said she'd take to it with a kitchen knife if I didn't remove it! Lol! Bri on the other hand, thinks its cool!


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