Monday, October 26, 2015

Bedroom makeovers...

We have two brand new queen bed ensembles coming.  We chose this chest of drawers for both bedrooms. Keeping it simple with just that...

...and two bedside tables either side of the ensemble bed.  No bedhead at this stage. Each room has built-in wardrobes.
Brianna's room will be mint green with a pop of pale coral.  Nice and cool and neutral.

Kirby chose a white waffle doona cover, dark charcoal quilted European pillows, piped with peach and the pale peach inksplotch cushion.  More colour can be added with another coloured cushion.
We bought all of this...

Queen Mint quilt cover/2 pillowcases
Queen White waffle quilt cover/2 pillowcases
Coral cushion
Inksplotch cushion
2 mint European cushion covers
2 charcoal European cushion covers

...for $327.00.   Quite a bargian as Kirby's quilt cover alone was originally $200 down to just $60!

I also bought 2 x Queen white sheet sets from Target - $59 each.  I have these sheets on our bed and they are large and generous.  Nothing worse than sheets that don't fit the mattress or tuck in with enough width each side.
So, as I said, now I just need Gus to make the furniture up!  And of course, he has so much spare time on his hands!  Completion date - January!
Joolz xx


  1. I am thinking about making a trip to IKEA tomorrow. It's a couple of hours one way, so I may reconsider. But I've been compiling a list for months. I love putting together IKEA furniture. I've done all our bookcases and their height extensions. A bed may be another story all together however.

  2. Those girls are lucky - the new bedrooms are going to look wonderful. I'm liking both the colour schemes. Good budgeting too Joolz.


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