Thursday, July 23, 2015

Some sunshine at last...

The sun is out today, although it is only going to get to 15C (59F). I think the cold snap is coming to an end - there was yellow pollen from pine trees on my windshield so that signals that spring is not far away.  It certainly has been cold and bleak of late but hey, it is winter.
Our Foodland had this lovely fresh, just out of the ground beetroot for $2 a bunch so I bought 4 bunches to pickle.  Nothing better.
I have finished my second strip of my Commemorative Throw and am pleased with how it is going.
I had an email from a fellow blogger, Robyn, who has bought the kit so a gave her a few hints.  I have found you really need to read and re-read the pattern (well, der!) otherwise you can make boo-boos! I did it this morning and purled instead of knitting and had to unknit two rows!
It looks thicker and thinner is some places but thats just because the stocking stitch patches have rolled under...
I write up each patch of the strip with the rows and cross off as I go, but you must be careful to do that correctly too. 
I'm enjoying the different patches and this pattern could be done in any colours of your choice.
Comfort food here last night - crumbed lamb chops, mashed new potatoes, peas, carrot and lottsa gravy! Do you like gravy like I do? :)
Cheers - Joolz xx

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