Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quick post...

Finally, I gave time to put these pics up of Gus's birthday weekend...
We had a lovely lunch on the Sunday, over at Coonawarra...


Winter solstice on Sunday, June 21st...

We gave Gus a Carlton fire box...


For dinner that night, we all pitched...I made slider rolls...

Kirby made an apple slaw...

Gus cooked roast pork...




The sliders were so good!

Brianna made a beautiful pavlova stack for her Dad's birthday cake...


Well, fingers crossed this post will finally be published, Lord knows I have only tried 4 times!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Goodness me you have some great food at your place, Joolz! Love the strawberries cut into heart shapes. Are you still using Blogsy or persisting with the new one you mentioned?

    1. I'm afraid we are all tragic foodies, even our girls! Yes, Brianna is a clever sausage for cutting out heart shape strawbs!
      I am using BlogGo at the moment but I must sort out Blogsy too!

  2. It posted! Happy Birthday to Gus. July is our biggest birthday month, and if I don't go get some cards in the mail they will surely be late.


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