Thursday, June 4, 2015

Baby, it's cold outside!

I enjoyed a big bowl of my pea and ham soup for lunch yesterday. Very warming...
Day 4 of 12C and we awoke to heavy rain - yay! Luckily, I put our bins out last night so we didn't have to trot them down to the road in the rain this morning!
I tried a new recipe last night - a tuna winner dinner from
It was so easy to put together - all into one bowl, no chopping - just stir together then tip into a baking dish!
Here it is all stirred up waiting for the pasta spirals...
I used Vegeroni spirals (green, orange, yellow) - the finished baked dish...
Another quick salad...

Gus deemed it delicious and said it can be on the menu anytime! Zucchini or mushrooms would be good in it too!
I suffered another big headache during the night so am still nursing that this morning. Its nearly gone now. I've had scrambled eggs for breakfast and have taken stronger pain relief now I have something in my tummy.
Better get ready to brave the cold - at least it is warm at work!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. The tuna bake looks like a warm and yummy comfort meal. Hope your headache is gone for good. I woke up that way Monday.

  2. The tuna pasta bake looks like a good meal to feed my big family! Hope you are feeling better soon. Must be the rain - it has been absolutely pouring here all morning.

    1. We've had about 8 mls since yesterday morning with more showers on the way.

    2. We had 21 overnight! Such heavy rain - our bottom paddocks are all flooded now!
      Just a quick question. I read a comment of yours on Tracey's blog about two cheap Indian shops in Adelaide. I would love to know where they are! Thanks.

    3. Indian Plaza, 1/161 Glynburn Rd, Firle. SA 5070 and the other is on Anzac Highway....
      Indian Traders, 345 Anzac Highwat, Plympton. SA
      Both are great for all spices and all things Indian, I love browsing.

  3. That sounds yummy. I have written it out to try. Hope you are feeling okay. Colder over there than here!

  4. Wendy's Tuna Bake is on the menu here for tomorrow night. Looks delish Joolz!

    Hope the headache lifted. I have been having headaches lately and discovered that I had not been drinking enough water, something I find hard to do when it is cold.

    Speaking of which, it wasn't cold here today, a lovely 23C with glorious sunshine and a nice breeze to dry my clothes, almost spring like, dare I say it lol :)


  5. I'm glad you both liked the tuna pasta bake.

    Hope you are feeling better Joolz xoxo


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