Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday chores...

I've been going to my yoga class each week and had been enjoying it up until last Tuesday. I seem to have over stretched just about every muscle in my body. It was a pretty full on class, more than a beginner class, I think. I am hobbling around like an 80 year old! I have Bowen therapy to relieve stiffness in my neck and shoulders but the yoga has undone any good that the Bowen did in the last two weeks. My shoulders ache, ache, ache.

Anyway, to reward my soreness I decided to have takeaway for dinner. I usually cook something on Fridays, just like every night of the week but I just couldn't be bothered!

Our Indian restaurant was calling my name...

I ordered it for 6pm then put it all in the fridge until huz came home later then I put it in bowls, reheated it and voila, it looks like I cooked it! Mango chicken, lamb korma, Kashmiri pulao (with dried fruit and nuts), raita, naan and paratha breads...


Time this cupboard was cleaned out! Everything is just shoved in there and I need more space.

That's better. A place for everything without being on top of itself. Took me ten minutes, tops!

Time for a cup of tea and a bit of colouring with my music cranked up!

Oh, I am hopeless a colour co-ordinating!

Not sure what else I've got planned for the day. I have a letter to write, a bit more washing to do and my walk in robe needs tidying and maybe I'll make a cake...

It's a most beautiful sunny day today, but not hot, which is exactly how I like it. I have my front and back doors open so fresh air is blowing in...

I might have a nanna nap too...

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. obviously you didn't listen to your body and overstretched..............bugger...........yes we ad takeaway last night.........chinese......thats all you can get in town.......but after a long day on the renos again I was NOT cooking............
    must find myself a colouring in book........I used to love it.......
    off to have a nanna nap and do some cleaning............

  2. i follow your blog but never commented before. i like that you have a wide variety of topics. please tell about the coloring book in this post. where did you get it, etc. i'd love to have one like it. thank you for sharing your interests with us.

    1. Its from the Book Depository - here's the link

  3. Your Indian dinner looks great - and it does look home made!
    I'm looking around for a colouring book now what a great idea. cheers Wendy

  4. hopefully you'll take it easy for a few days until things settle back down again?


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