Sunday, March 1, 2015

Off to the Clipsal 500 ...

But first I need to get this dress business out of the way! I see a white and gold dress, in every picture on the internet. How about you?


Basically, I am of the same opinion of Grumpy Cat!


Now onto the yummy bits! By the time we were ready for dinner on Friday night, it was about 8.30pm. There is a very good pizza place called,strangely enough, The Italian Place and its about 300metres from where we are! They do pizzas, pasta, pastries, fresh baked daily breads, sell all manner of cheeses, salami and smallgoods. You can buy their pizza and pasta and sauces cold ready for reheating. They do meat and salad rolls in lovely italian bread rolls, foccacias, panini...the list goes on!

So we went toddled down there in the warm night air and ordered an Italian Job pizza and some wine $6/glass. Wonderful!

Saturday it was off to the track for a days racing of the V8 Supercars. It was hot and muggy and I felt uncomfortable. I hate that heat! The corporate box we were in was airconditioned but with so many people in there, it struggled to keep cool.

Before the main afternoon race, I tottered off to the 'Ladies' and realised that it had cooled off quite a lot. So we found a table outside and it was much more pleasant with a breeze blowing every now and then. I was still hot, though!

Food was laid on all day with pastries, sandwiches, hot hors d'oevres and the like coming around all the time. Towards the end of the day, they served mini Magnum icecreams - brilliant!

Mini cheeseburger slider, anyone?


The highlight for me was the Super Trucks race. I just laughed as we watched these muscle trucks, slipping and sliding around the corners on their oversized tyres and then...


(This picture from the web, not at Clipsal)

...they jump them over several of these ramps, sailing into the air, landing 100metres down the track, fishtailing to keep them in control. Funny to watch.

(This picture from the web, not at Clipsal)
This gives you an idea of the height they sail through the air, quite spectacular. Then they go around the corners on two wheels!

Thank you to our Castrol rep for inviting us to this fun day. The main race is today but we are headed for home!

We had a lovely dinner in the city with our girls Last night which I'll post about later.

Cheers - Joolz xx


















  1. I am with you white and gold..........I have no idea why people can see black and blue in that photo?? The pizza looks yummy!!

  2. Ha, I agree with Grumpy Cat! I don't like this dress but all I see is white and gold.

  3. It's white and gold in this photo and blue and black in others. On the Sunrise morning show it was black and blue.


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