Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MKR is doing my head in!



(Web pic)

That is 'homemade bread' that Manu is holding up there. More like a golf ball! Kat obviously had never attempted bread before. She used 4-5 sachets of dry yeast to make her 20 bread rolls. The dough looked like pastry and didn't rise after the first prove. They looked like rocks when they were rolling them - like playdough - and looked even harder when they took them out of the oven!

Why, why, why would they put that on the plate?

Night after night we are treated to flop after flop and I do realise there is huge pressure in the kitchen to produce 3 courses with 12 portions but seriously! I realise it is all choreographed and that things will miraculously get better when they get into the MKR kitchen but this has been going on for weeks. Show us some straight up, in the home kitchen talent! I am losing interest! I don't even have a favourite team!

What irks me is how they change a recipe. "I've made this a dozen times, its a family recipe but today I think I'll put some red wine vinegar in my chocolate mud cake .... oh gee, that doesn't taste good! I don't know what went wrong!" Are you kidding me?

Or attemping to fillet a 6 foot tuna then complaining that there are still a lot of bones in it!

Most of the crap could have been cooked by a Year 10 Home Ec student! Okay, I'll stop now...

I might send Kat my recipe for bread rolls which uses only 1 packet of yeast!

Things had better start getting good or I'm out!

What do you think?


I am enjoying season 5 of Downton Abbey. I have been taping it and watching it later but it's good! I will grab it on DVD when I can, to add to my collection.

I bought this colouring book recently and sat colouring like small child...

Very relaxing! It takes a bit of concentration and I wish my eyesight was better...

This is the picture I am going to attempt next...

Well, its Tuesday here so its a quick tidy through after the long weekend then off to work. No doubt Gus will have lots of paperwork for me after him being away all last week.

Lovely cool temps here with 23C expected today - my kind of weather!

Cheers - Joolz xx








  1. Nodding my head re MKR..... it has all just turned into a bit of a bunfight reality show with some interestng semi-interesting power play going on. Some real talent would be nice and I've not picked a winning team either.
    Colouring in! I have had a hankering to do some lately so I will look into a book like this. Looks lovely and probably pretty good therapy. Maybe they should try it on MKR!! cheers Wendy

  2. I'm over MKR and I don't even watch it!!! They promote the contestants personalities and how they bitch about each other.

    I'm going suggest to my husband we move to SA. It is still so hot here in northern NSW. The humidity is unbearable and I've had enough. Mother nature must have forgotten that summer finished here last week. We have had a couple of really big storms and that makes the humidity worse. Bring on winter.

  3. Funny I am sitting here eating one of the feta and sundried tomato scrolls I made for lunch today. I have been watching most of this season of MKR but watched The Block last night to see the room reveals which is the only part of the show that interests me these days as I cannot stand all the personal interactions and dramas they push on viewers. Same with MKR, I would rather see a mum with a quiet personality turn out the same amazing food she has been cooking for her family for years than quirky couples try and spice up their granny's recipes and fail because granny's recipe didn't need to be tampered with! In the ads last night I turned over to MKR and saw the dough and didn't hold out much hope for it! One of my questions about MKR is about its authenticity. I read somewhere that they only actually cook for the judges and receive help for getting out the other meals for the contestants. I am fairly certain too that they they must receive professional help with the styling of their restaurants. And are they really their own houses? Some of the contestants seem very unsure of the ovens they are using! I would love to watch a show where contestants were just given a budget and a time frame to shop, decorate and cook and do it all themselves without any help - real reality television! Oh well I have to say I do like the judges and I leafed through Pete Evans' s Family Food cookbook the other day and was very tempted to buy it but resisted as my shelf is groaning with cookbooks. I did give into temptation to buying the Secret Garden colouring book though. It is just wonderful and my girls are in colouring heaven. Maybe I should have bought myself a copy!

  4. I never could stand the show. All those teams against each other then other teams coming in. Then suprise teams. It's all confusing and so drawn out. Give me Masterchef any day. At least they have a scone or mashed potato challenge. Real food ! Real people.

    Joolz, I'm sure you'd be great with your own cooking show. Real food for real people.


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