Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moving day...

 We got the girls moved into the house on the weekend.  We are very pleased with it.  It gives them much more space and we have the spare bedroom for when we visit.  No more kicking them out of their beds!
 Kirby, in the kitchen...
 Bri's bathroom...
 Kirby's bathroom - yes there are two - heaven!
 Main bedroom...
 Our first meal (Chinese) in the house on Friday...
 Saturday, we enlisted the help of a mate to build furniture, mainly our bed then Brianna' for the tired and weary!
 Australia Day came and went while we were still moving stuff and making Ikea furniture! Gotta have a lamb chop!
 We stopped and had a nice lunch - lamb chops and snags, potato bake and simple salad.
 This is a lunch box I bough Bri for when she starts nursing (as a bit of a joke).  I don't think she'll want to take it on the first day, but once she's settled in it will be handy...
Tah dah! This is our room with the new bed.  Side tables are from Ikea and took Bri about 1/2 an hour to construct!  I have since added grey pillowcases and a red cushion for a pop of colour.
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I think your girls are very lucky Joolz! What a great setup.... and great for you to visit too. cheers Wendy

  2. All so very nice Joolz! I bet the girls are loving their new home :)



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