Sunday, November 16, 2014

Around the house today...

We went out for dinner with friends last night, such a fun time! We don't get together very often so for 4 couples to all be free on the same night was a bonus. One couple stayed at the venue and six of us travelled together (TG for a 7 seater Land Rover Discovery!) and we had a designated non-drinking driver to get us home safely. Lots of laughs and some lovely food...

I'm not used to late nights, we didn't get home until 2pm! I am a little slow today!

I plan to potter today so I thought I'd show you what I get up to. There are lots of little jobs to do...

First up, folding the 'smalls' ...

...which leads to this pile of hankies. Does your man still use hankies? Mine will not leave the house without one in his pocket.

Five minutes later - tah dah! Ironing done!

I found this dinner roll recipe the other day. I just screen shot the recipe so it goes to my photos on my iPad then its there for later....

The dough is now rising in the warmth of our 'good room'...

I kept on top of the laundry this week so I only have a small load or two to do...

I'm lucky to have a clothesline under our pergola. It just started spitting rain as I was about to hang these out.


The dinner roll dough didn't rise as it should have - not sure if they will be light and fluffy or more like cricket balls!

I found it hard even to roll them into balls, more like I had to shape them by tucking in and under to form balls... :(


They have risen a bit but not sure how they'll go when baked...
Well, you just never know! They turned out really well!

Nice crust and a good crumb inside...


I swept and tidied the front porch, hosed down the wrought iron table and chairs, decobwebbed the pot planters and watered.


I then prepped the ingredients for our Chicken and cashew curry tonight. There are a few steps involved so I need to get it right. Being organised means less chance of mistakes.


The pergola area has been tidied, swept and decobwebbed around windows and eaves. Washing has been folded and put away.


Next up I made wholemeal chapattis to go with our curry....


They are super easy to make - I added some yoghurt to the dough for these ones...


It takes about half an hour to cook a dozen chapattis ...
I might start a new post for the curry.... Stay tuned!
Cheers - Joolz xx






  1. the buns look that the only ironing you better visit my place.................

  2. I've been wanting a good curry...maybe later this week in the slow cooker. I'll have to buy store-bought naan.

  3. I really should make some chapattis as my son just loves it with curries. Looking forward to the curry recipe, Joolz.

  4. Lovely to see a day in the life of Joolz :) I so admire your food prepping and should do the same. The rolls look fabulous.


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