Saturday, August 30, 2014

Spring around the corner...

We've had a wek of beautiful spring weather, blue skies and sun that warms your back...
I bought new cross-trainer shoes for walking as my old ones were losing their tread and I skidded on the bitumen the other day. After work, I got all kitted up - 3/4 gym pants, fluoro Tshirt, new shoes and my iPod. Away I went, just for 30 minutes. Lovely sunshine!
This is the lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint water that I am trialling. I steeped it overnight and had a glass first thing this morning. Not horrid to drink so I will drink the rest over the day.
I made Thai green chicken curry for dinner as thats what huz requested. Deeelicious!
Hoping to prune a few roses this arvo, but I need to take it easy. My neck is getting better but I am nursing sore muscles from a very deep, deep massage I had on Wednesday. So slowly, slowly 
does it....
Cheers- Joolz xx






  1. It looks like you're almost ready for the warm weather! I'm intrigued about the water, is it just for flavoring or are there health benefits? I enjoy putting things in my water sometimes. I hope your neck is better soon.

  2. I do hope your sore neck improves soon. Ouch.
    Anne xx


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