Sunday, August 31, 2014

From quilt to throw for the couch...

Remember the quilt I started taking the frill off to make it into a throw rug? 
I unpicked the frill....originally, I was going to throw away the frill thinking I wouldn't need it but then I thought 'how am I going to deal with the raw edge?  
This is the raw edge...
So I pulled out the gathering thread from the frill and ended up with just over 11 metres of it, with a great seamed edge on it - perfect for homemade bias binding, no?
Now, as you may know, I am not much of a sewer and I am definitely not a quilter but my mind tells me I should be able to attach this bias binding to the quilt to made a neat edge. The paisley blue is the underside of the quilt.
I experimented with a short strip, making sure I had the width right and pinned it how I wanted it.
Okay, next step is to cut the frill to make the bias binding...
Quarter of an hour later and I had 11 metres of fabric, ready to be pinned then sewed.  Now for the epic pinning session...
I think I will first sew the bias onto the raw edge using a dark thread  then when I turn it down to make the neat edge, I'll top sew it using ecru thread.
Oh, you quilting ladies will be slapping your foreheads and groaning, I know, but I think it will work this way...
Stay tuned!
 Joolz xx






  1. Joolz, I am just about to make my first cot quilt and looking for easy ways to bind it too. A bit of a learning curve, eh?

    1. It certainly has been a learning curve, Chel! But its good to challenge the mind and my mind is totally dislexic when it comes to sewing, putting fabrics back to back and turning in the other way etc.
      It's nearly finished and I am quite pleased with myself!

  2. I had to ask google how to do mitred corners the last time I had to bind a quilt. I've done it before but it is hard to get my mind around, when I don't do it all the time! It's going to look awesome :)


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