Sunday, June 8, 2014

A bit of everything Sunday...

Things are back to normal here and I've been back at work. Feeling a bit tired but okay. Thank you for your kind comments. I will see my GP in the coming weeks to discuss what went on and also to organise a sleep test for my snoring/sleep apnoea.


We are still getting some sunny days - our silver birches are nearly bare now...

Oh, I could stay home forever...
Friday night I made this dish. Deelicious!
I bought a pack of 6 pork sausages and made 4 of them into meatballs. The other two went in with the mince (I used beef).

The lovely rich sauce...

Yum! This made lots of sauce so I halved it before serving and have frozen that batch for another meal.

I also made wholemeal kaiser rolls - I'm crazy, I worked 10.30 till 5pm then came home and did all this! It is worth it and much better than takeaway!

A few punny thoughts...

Colds be gone! This is meant to rid you of cold and flu toxins. On going to bed, place a large slice of onion on the bottom of your foot then put on tight fitting socks. Also, place a peeled onion that has a cross cut in the top of it (to release the juices and fumes) on a plate on your bedside table. The onion will apparently draw any nasties from you and the room. Discard the onion in the morning. Old wives tale? Give it a go!

Last night I made Jamie's roast chicken and couscous...

My chooks always take longer than recipes say, I think I added a good 25 minutes extra...

The couscous was really good (and I am not usually a fan). The jarred capsicum was really sweet and yummy and I added pumpkin and fresh sweet corn in there too. Next time, I reckon I could just make the roast veg couscous and buy a roasted chook - easy dinner!

This is the jaggery that we used at the cooking school. I found an Indian supermarket on Anzac Highway in Adelaide (Indian Traders). This big 1kg tub cost me $2.87...

This jaggery that I bought previously, cost about $7 and its more like palm sugar and is solid and needs to be shaved. I love frequenting these shops, there's lots of interesting things to buy. I also bought ghee (clarified butter) as our supermarkets don't stock it.

I'm off down to Beachport this afternoon to visit my sisters who have permanent vans in the caravan park. They go on mini holidays some weekends so its time I visited (with afternoon tea).

I made a nice date loaf this morning, now I am going to make Monte Carlo's too.

Oh, the Monte's were delicious!


Cheers - Joolz xx




  1. Glad to hear you are back to the kitchen AND on the job. :) Enjoyed the puns. They always make me think of a pastor we had decades ago...our pastor was named Joe and his wife was Ruth. He was such a nice man, but he loved to inform people that when his wife was not around he was ruthless. :) Food looks yummy as always...I'm having fun getting back into the cooking groove.

  2. OMG! Your posts always make me feel hungry. Love the look of that chicken Joolz. Hope you are feeling better xx

  3. Good to see you are back on your feet - and in the kitchen again whipping up a storm!

  4. So tell me Joolz, did the onion trick work?



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