Thursday, May 22, 2014

Choofing through the week...

On Monday, Mrs Woog from Woog's World randomly asked people what the state of their laundries was - go take a photo, she said - so I did...

No too bad...

Here is a great natural weed spray to try. I have trouble with moss and a black mould forming on my pavers during the colder months. I saw this on facebook the other day so am going to give it a go.
Juanita Tortilla - this may be what you are looking for, instead of using chemicals.

This is another spray that I use around the house, it's really good. I posted about it here:


Monday night dinner - rolled roast of pork, baked potatoes and (yum) apples with a tossed salad. All the stuffing spewed out of it as it cooked.

Do you prep your ingredients before you start cooking? It's much easier and I find you don't miss an ingredient out.

Tuesday night, I did the Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake, Annette Sym's Book 7.

A yummy, low fat dinner.

Last night I went a bit retro - Baked Steaks. Basically, you can add any flavours that take your fancy. Place your steak on a generous piece of foil then kitchen paper (I put a few onion slices underneath)...

Then add more onion, little dobs of butter (0probs onlt a good teaspoon in total), salt and pepper...

Sprinkle on a good tablespoon of French onion soup (or spring vegetable ot tomato vegetable)...

Top with slices of tomato and a sprinkle of basil. You could also add chopped bacon, pineapple pieces, sundried tomatoes or olives - go nuts!

I added a little bit of grated low fat cheese...

Now wrap those babies up snugly but leave a little gap on top so they can breathe...

I suggest 180C for 45-50 minutes, depending on steak thickness. Mine were well done so 45 mins is probably plenty. Remove from foil with an egg slide then tip any of the lovely juicy gravy over the steak. We had a small baked spud and corn on the cob with it. Scrummy!

Talking at out Weight Watcher's group last night, we discussed how to get more water in each day. Herbal and fruit infused teas a refreshing and need no sweetening. Because they contain no caffeine, the water content can be counted towards your daily intake. Drink them hot or brew a jug and keep in the fridge for a pick me up (better than cordial or soft drink).

Off to work now, enjoy your day!

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Joolz, I wouldn't dare post a photo of my laundry. Nobody that saw it would recover. LOL! I love seeing what you are cooking as obviously you are a great cook and your meals always look so delicious.

  2. You have my mouth watering joolz!! Must try that wrapped steak, looks delicious.

  3. Hi Joolz, your food always looks delicious!
    Can we get Dawn dishwashing liquid in Australia do you know? I have seen it mentioned on USA blogs as a cure all for almost every problem you can imagine.

  4. No, I couldn't find it in Woolies so I bought a small bottle of Palmolive lemon dishwashing liquid, on special for $2.89. I think it will do the trick just as good as Dawn.

  5. Lovely homely post Joolz. Loved all the food, especially the look of the Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake, the steak sounds yummo too :) My laundry is not fit for a photo at the moment, stuff everywhere from our wedding....


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