Friday, February 14, 2014

Then it just got better...

Friday evening we attended the Land Rover Dealer of the Year celebration dinner...
The dinner was held at Quay Restaurant, again beautiful food by Peter Gilmore who greeted us and wished us a wonderful evening.
Salad of young garden vegetables, buffalo milk mozzarella, roasted almonds, lemon jam, herbs and flowers - pretty, eh?
Poached marron, rosehip, creme fraiche, French breakfast radishes, pomegranate, linaria flowers...
Fillet of grain fed beef, morel cream, braised mushrooms, roasted ancient grains...
Roasted blue eye, artichoke puree, baby leeks, ligurian olives, rocket, capers, fennell pollen...
Quay's seven texture valrhona chocolate cake ...
Jersey cream, salted caramel, prune, milk and sugar crystals ...

Now for the exciting part! Just before dessert was served they had the Dealer of the Year formalities... They announced the Metro DOTY then started talking about the Regional Dealer of the Year. They mentioned that they had attended the opening of the dealership's new showroom, then they mentioned ... lower SE of South Australia! Gus and I both shot a glance at each other - OMG they are talking about us!!!! They read out two very favourable customer service surveys then they announced
This is the Waterford crystal trophy that was presented to Angus.
My man with his award!
A very happy snap of us - my eye makeup was gone by then as I had a good blubber when he went up to receive the award. We were so shocked to win but in hindsight I know just how much Gus deserves this. He works long and hard to achieve the sales results, his integrity, honesty and love of the Land Rover product ensures customer satisfaction and without our team of staff (sales, admin, parts, service and detailing) to support us, it would not have been possible to win. We are about to clock up 25 years as owners of this business so its fantastic for Gus to earn this accolade.
Wow, wow, wow is all we can say!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Congratulations to you both and your team on the award. Very exciting for you. Love how you remember to take photos of all the course of food!

  2. How fantastic, ya can't beat a good Landie, a good man and a good meal! Well done :D

  3. Congratulations, that is such a nice surprise for you both. The meal looked delicious also. So pleased for you both.

  4. Oh wow! Huge congratulations to both of you. What a great reward to have all of that hard work and dedication recognised in such a public way. You must be stoked. *happy dance*

  5. A big Congratulations every thing looks beautiful xx

  6. What a wonderful surprise and a great achievement...congratulations!!!

  7. Yay!!!! how exciting for you both! staff bonus week??lol!!! You gu do desrev your award and I am ppy for you both and also very green with envy you got to enjoy such a awesome meal!!!!! wow!!! that prune thing sounds like it would be crazily impressive tastes...and the other 7 texture still my beating heart!!! two always look so very happy!

  8. Fabulous meal with an even more fabulous ending! Congratulations!!

  9. catching up with some starred posts I wanted to comment on.........huge congrats on being recognised for your efforts..........well done...........


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