Saturday, December 14, 2013

A mix of this and that ...

This my Flower Carpet rose called Pink Splash, its just starting to take off and has lots of buds coming on.
Found this on Facebook - some people are witty, aren't they?
My tomatoes continue to grow, there are lots of flowers so eventually, I hope lots of tomatoes.
This shows how big they were when I planted them on November 2nd.

Keeping my Dad and my niece Jane who are no longer with us in my thoughts...

Isn't this a great idea for a healthy platter - we discussed these at out Weight Watchers meeting...

This one is from Mennonite Girls Can Cook ...

I have dragged out this cookie tree kit - I may get around to making it up!

This is what my tree looked like in 2008...
Another gem from the interwebs ...
I really have the 'can't be bothered's today. We have our staff Christmas show tonight which will be nice but I am a bit weary. Might need a nanna nap this arvo!
Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. I love that three wise women quote. That rose is very pretty. You are such a good cook, love this blog x

  2. That gingerbread house is about my level of crafty/cooking some days!

    Love those healthy looking platters.

    Enjoy your work dinner, hope you feel better after your nana nap :)


  3. I really like that healthy platter. I might do one for our Christmas table (with dip of course, to make it less healthy...) And is that self-saucing chocolate pudding I see? My gran made the best one of these. It's still a firm family favourite.

  4. Love the Christmas Tree Joolz. You are very clever, my stepdaughter would love to make one of those :)

  5. Oooh, I like that carpet rose. The gingerbread house looks about my pace lol. I like the look of those healthy platters and love the three wise women!

  6. Loving the look of those food platters - I will just have to work out how to make one I think. What a great idea for the Xmas lunch table. cheers Wendy


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