Sunday, February 24, 2013

A beautiful adoption story...

I have been following this blog (Kim from Serendipity Cafe put me onto it) for a few months now.  It is the most beautiful adoptions story - this young couple who have one child of their own felt that they could love another child (or maybe 2) and so Maria and tiny Elijah came to be theirs and live with them and their son, Finley in the US.  Oh, wow - go back to the start where they are about to bring Maria home after the long wait.  Witness the change in little Elijah who looked like a malnourished 8 month old baby but was in fact 18 months old when they brought him home.  Two lives saved and 3 other lives enriched by this adoption.
You will need tissues, I am sure.

They have been nominated by Parents Magazine as best Family Blog and I'd love it if you'd give them a vote so they might win.  Click on the Tiny Green Elephants link above and vote using the link there.
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